Coconut Oil for Ebola Victims in Liberia Africa

Helping Traditions helped a Liberian ministry start a native coconut oil distribution program to families in Liberia who have been affected by the Ebola crisis in late 2014. Coconut palm trees are native to the coastal areas of Liberia, so Mission Bethel Ministries was able to visit coconut producing areas in Liberia in 2014 and make contact with small-scale coconut oil producers to supply traditional coconut oil. Research has shown that the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are powerful germ fighters, particularly against viruses where pharmaceutical products typically fail. While there is no research yet showing that coconut oil is effective against the Ebola virus, coconut oil is a powerful immune builder with no side effects. Since coconuts and coconut oil are native to Liberia, it made sense to invest in a coconut oil distribution program in Ebola affected areas.

UPDATE 10 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Early this month, Helping Traditions partners in the Philippines sent reinforcements to the relief team at the typhoon-ravaged town of Tacloban, Leyte to augment the rehabilitation task  began  by the teams who have gone there soon after Typhoon Yolanda struck late last year. While last year’s team brought tools for clearing debris and cutting […]

UPDATE 9 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

The rebuilding phase of restoring housing and infrastructure is in full swing now. Chainsaws and power equipment are badly needed:

The current projects you can help to restore lives in the Philippines where Typhoon Haiyan hit are:

Purchase of power tools and other materials to rebuild homes.
Purchase materials to build a commercial fishing boat that will […]

UPDATE 8 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Teams have gone back to the affected areas now after the holidays to resume work (although many never left!). Here are some reports:

We would like to thank all […]

UPDATE 7 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Last week a team of our workers rented a truck and brought much needed supplies to Leyte, the hardest hit area in the Philippines that is still without power. They brought coconut oil, rice, water, candles, matches, nails, cookware, and blankets. All these items were purchased with funds donated through Helping Traditions – Thank […]

UPDATE 6 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

This week our teams in the Philippines are bringing in a truck load of much needed supplies to Tacloban and the Leyte areas, the areas that were hit the hardest during the typhoon.

Coconut Oil for cooking to  be brought to Tacloban Leyte this week.

Rice, coconut oil, water, soaps and more.
Besides food items (healthy traditional […]

UPDATE 5 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Thank you for all your support! Last week urgently need food and supplies were distributed to 230 families in Ilo ilo who had lost everything when their homes were wiped out by the Super Typhoon.

Rice and other supplies are being repackaged and put into pails to be delivered to families in Ilo ilo Philippines.
Relief […]

UPDATE 4 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Work this week significantly increases for the 200 needy families in Ilo ilo. The need is so great – and soon this will no longer be headlines in the mainstream media. The work is really just beginning. Our teams in the Philippines are also working in Leyte (the hardest hit area), and they are […]

UPDATE 3 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Local ministries in Ilo ilo have identified 200 families in four different villages, and are now supplying basic needs and support thanks to contributions that have come in so far! We want to also support local ministries in Palawan, Samar, and Leyte. Please contribute at Christian Aid.

UPDATE 2 – Philippine Typhoon Emergency Disaster Relief

Helping Traditions is continuing to network with indigenous (non-Western) Philippine ministries in the hardest hit areas. We have teams standing by ready to purchase food and supplies and bring them to the hardest hit areas and begin the process of rebuilding people’s lives. They will remain on the ground in these areas working with […]