Early this month, Helping Traditions partners in the Philippines sent reinforcements to the relief team at the typhoon-ravaged town of Tacloban, Leyte to augment the rehabilitation task  began  by the teams who have gone there soon after Typhoon Yolanda struck late last year. While last year’s team brought tools for clearing debris and cutting branches, the new implements sent consisted of heavier-duty tools such as a bigger chainsaw and other tools needed for the reconstruction of homes and buildings.

One project that has begun through the contributions of Helping Traditions is the construction of a fishing boat which will provide income for 5 families.


A new center of rehabilitation efforts during this month’s visit was Jaro, Leyte. Heeding the entreaty of the believers in that area, the team set out to rebuild their place of worship which was totally destroyed by the storm.


The team immediately gave themselves to the repair of that church edifice.  It became evident to the team that it was not just the church building that needed restoration but  the lives of the people in the area as well.  After more than a hundred days of struggle and trying to survive the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda, many folks had become resigned to their miserable lot. Barely surviving and moving about eerily like zombies, they were living day to day devoid of hope and purpose.

As building repair efforts were being undertaken, some of  the members of the team began focusing their  efforts and attention to sharing the message of God’s love and care to those whose lives they touched.  Not only did they distribute food and other items like slippers, hygiene kits and other necessities, they also provided counseling and encouragement to others as prayer and bible study groups were set into motion.

One young man in Manila was undergoing severe loneliness and emotional stress because of his inability to ascertain the fate of his parents and siblings at Jaro, Leyte even after the lapse such a long time. This young man had no means to go to that place. We extended assistance to him to enable him to fly to that town and search for his parents and his brothers and sisters.   This made possible a heart-wrenching reunion of that young man and those that remained of his family.  The team ministered to him and his remaining siblings helping them to accept the painful reality of the loss of their loved ones.


Please continue to send your support to help the rebuilding projects by contributing at Christian Aid.