This week our teams in the Philippines are bringing in a truck load of much needed supplies to Tacloban and the Leyte areas, the areas that were hit the hardest during the typhoon.

Coconut Oil for cooking to be supplied to typhoon victims photo
Coconut Oil for cooking to  be brought to Tacloban Leyte this week.

Rice, water, coconut oil, soaps and more to be brought to typhoon victims photo
Rice, coconut oil, water, soaps and more.

Besides food items (healthy traditional local foods), they will also be bringing candles, matches, nails, cookware, and blankets. All these items were purchased with funds donated through Helping Traditions – Thank You!!

We are now out of funds, and the work is really just beginning. Many people are still in relocation camps, and the long road ahead of rebuilding people’s homes and the infrastructure is just beginning. Please donate through our partner organizationChristian Aid.